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Way Lean Negócios, Lean Manufacturing- the culture of wast

As we know, one of the main pillars of LEAN culture is the elimination of waste. However, we have a strong cultural root driving us to the wrong direction. We were educated (in most families) to waste in every way. If the child did not like the food, everything goes to garbage. If you left the room, why turn off the lights? And the dream of singing in the Voice generates showers much longer. consuming than necessary. Actually it is not our foult, we just did not have the opportunity to see what we have wasted from another point of view. Let's take a very simple example that may illustrate what we are talking about. I was in a friend’s place who was preparing a delicious coffee for us . After he has served all of us, the remaining content from t the bottle was poured down the sink.

I asked him just for curiosity why there was coffee left and what he was really throwing away. The first response seemed innocent: I prepared the way I’m used to do! But the second is a moment for reflection: I have thrown away just the remaining old coffee. First of all coffee became old just because you did not know how to size what you needed, but now comes the lower part of the iceberg that we do not see. what you really wasted…. 1-Coffee and Water (obvious) 2-Water treatment by the water supplier 3-All expenses to get it home 4-More water to wash the sink 5-Detergent to wash the sink 6-Treatment of sewage generated 7-Coffee powder excess 8-Gas or any other heating source used in your home 9-Preparation time 10-Filtration time 11-Coffee packaging 12-Coffee grinding 13-Coffee transportation 14-Coffee Stocking 15-Financial loss... Satisfied with 15 items? We could keep on searching for more ... One might ask: but it was just a little bit! No matter, remember that there may be a population doing this millions of little. In the vast majority of cases, what is wasted generates the image of the famous tip of the "iceberg".

Most of the time all you see is nothing but the iceberg top. How have you eliminated waste in your company ??? Think about it !

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